Available Features:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard featureis home to several widgets that provide a snapshot of current collections efforts.

  • Cash Flow Direct: The Forecast feature allows users to build a forecast tailored to the needs of their business.

  • Accounts Receivable (AR): Includes Invoices, Customers, Credit Memos, Customer Payments & Transactions Workspaces.

  • Accounts Payable (AP): Includes Bills and Vendors Workspaces.

  • Campaigns: The campaigns feature allows users to build Dunning campaigns and workflow automation to support their collections efforts.

  • Goals: The Goals feature allows users to establish collections goals for their collections team.

  • Financial Care Center: The Financial Care Center offers companies a way to offer credit card and ACH payments to their customers to pay outstanding invoices.

  • Inbox: The inbox provides a single view of all Tesorio related emails that have been received by your team email.

  • Action Center: The Action Center holds all the tasks that have been assigned to the team that require follow-up.

  • Profile Settings - Each individual user can connect your personal email, input your signature and other account-level customization.

  • Administrator Settings - Tesorio Administrator can connect a company email account, input the desired logo onto a General Statement, organize statements, add team members and manage your day to day ERP syncs.

  • Template Settings - The Template editor which allows you to build out emails to be used for either manual emails or our automated dunning campaigns. Attach files/invoices/statements, specific recipients and perform bulk actions on multiple emails at once, the Template editor allows for teams to A/B test and really make the most of our communication functionality. 

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