Available Modules:

  • Dashboard View - high-level informational dashboard typically used by Admins and team members looking to report on cashflow-related actions.
  • Forecast Beta - high-level tool used to Forecast future cash flow as it pertains to your general ledger accounts. We provide you the ability to map these GL accounts and apply Tesorio’s Machine Learning models against it.
  • Working Capital Manager - the original version of the Forecast Beta - this tool specifically looks at AR/AP and works to provide predictions based on invoice-level history.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Module - primary workspace for teams specifically working on collections. Manage cash flow, optimize your collections and help grow your business!
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Module - primary workspace for teams specifically working on accounts payable. Manage outgoing cash, strategize for desirable vendor terms and increase overall AP efficiency!
  • Dunning Campaigns - automated and customizable email campaigns, we give your team the ability to run specific outreach to accomplish your collections goals. 
  • Goals - Set specific goals for collections/payables teams looking to utilize the tool at its utmost capacity. These goals update automatically based on the work your team is doing within the platform.
  • Forex - manage foreign currency exchange exposure with our Forex module. We love discussing this piece so please reach out to support@tesorio.com if you have questions!
  • Profile Settings - specific setting page for an individual user, we give you the ability to connect your personal email, input your signature and other account-level customization.
  • Company Settings - company setting page where an administrator can connect a company email account, input the desired logo onto a General Statement, organize statements, add team members and manage your day to day ERP syncs.
  • Template Settings - we provide a comprehensive Template editor which allows you to build out emails to be used for either manual emails or our automated dunning campaigns. Attach files/invoices/statements, specific recipients and perform bulk actions on multiple emails at once, the Template editor allows for teams to A/B test and really make the most of our communication functionality. 
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