For all email platforms, please request that your Email Administrator whitelist the following domains:



If the Tesorio application is not whitelisted, your Tesorio users will not receive:

  1. Password Reset instructions (when a Password Reset is requested)

  2. 2FA confirmation codes (if 2FA is enabled)

  3. Sync failure notifications (as indicated in Administrator Settings)

  4. Notifications (if following invoices or customers)

  5. Weekly Digest (if subscribed in Tesorio)

If your company is a GSuite user, you must Trust Tesorio within your GSuite permissions by visiting the Manage Access to Apps: Trusted, Limited, or Blocked section and marking Tesorio as “Trusted”.

Additional information on how to whitelist our app can be found on Google's Support page. For reference, Tesorio’s OAuth2 Client ID is:

If Tesorio is not a trusted app, users may not take advantage of the Gsuite email integration.

If you are a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 user, you may be asked during email authentication to submit a ticket to your Email Administrator outlining why access is requested.

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