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Well-maintained contacts can make all the difference in getting paid on time. Tesorio helps you understand where your contact data is coming from, how it's being used, and whether outreach efforts are successful.

Your Contact Data in Tesorio and Tesorio Contact Tags

Tesorio brings in customer and invoice contact data from your ERP and clearly displays your ERP contact structure by assigning Source Tags to each contact record.

There are 3 types of contact tags in Tesorio:

(Tags live in Tesorio and are a Tesorio only record, they do not sync to your ERP)

  • Source Tags (reflect the ERP field of origin)

  • Custom Tags (user defined in Tesorio)

  • Default Tags (tags assigned automatically based on defined criteria)

Source Tags

When contact data comes into Tesorio, it is automatically tagged according to the ERP source (NetSuite, Salesforce, etc.), as well as the field of origin e.g. from NS Customer contacts record.

  • For example, a contact imported from a NetSuite customer contact record (Lists -> Relationships -> Customer -> Relationships -> Contacts) will be tagged as NetSuite/Contact.

    • if a Role was assigned to the contact in NetSuite, it will be tagged as NetSuite/Contact: Primary Contact

  • As another example, a contact created directly in Tesorio will show a Tesorio source tag.

Source tags cannot be removed from contacts, nor can they be edited.

Custom Contact Tags

In addition to source tags, companies can also create additional tags for specific use cases. Just like invoice and customer tags, contact tags can be used to enhance workflows. For example, certain contacts can be tagged "Escalation Contact”. This tag would be visible to all Tesorio users when sending emails, so that the right person is pulled into a thread at the right time.

Custom Contact Tags can be added to Tesorio through:

  • Entered manually in the application

  • Uploaded in bulk through a file import (ask your CSM)

Default Tags

Tesorio also assigns default tags during the synchronization process based on predefined criteria. You can read the articles referenced in the Further Readings section below for more information on how we assign default tags

The presentation of Custom Tags and Default Tags is the same.

It is important to remember that changes to a Tag name that is assigned to contacts and already used for existing mappings (i.e. templates) will cause the mapping to break.

List of default tags:

  • Primary AP Contact

  • Primary Business Contact

  • Invoice Delivery Contact

  • Sales Representative

  • Account Manager

Repeated Contact Information

In some instances a contact may be duplicated (or triplicated — or more) depending on the source. This is because Tesorio simply accepts and displays contacts as they exist in the source systems.

  • For example, an Intacct contact from the customer record may be duplicated if the “Bill to” setting in Intacct is set to “same as customer”.

When there are multiple instances of a contact, each source tag will be different, showing where each contact is from. This includes when the contact is being imported from two separate systems, like NetSuite and Salesforce.

Using Contacts & Contact Tags

You can use Source Tags, Custom Contact Tags, or Default tags when creating email templates and composing emails in Inbox, Customer or Invoice Drawers, or Email Manager.

When composing emails in Inbox, Customer or Invoice Drawers, or Email Manager, contacts and their corresponding contact tags are displayed in the dropdowns in the To: field. Search by name, email address, or tag name to locate the contacts you'd like to use.

Permissions for Managing Contacts

The following permissions control access to contact-related activities:

  • Ability to Manage Tags: users with this permission can create new contact tags & update the colors of existing contact tags in the contact manager modal. Users without this permission will not see the create new tag option in the contact tag modal.

  • Contacts for Customers and Invoices: users with this permission can add and edit contact information (e.g. email address) and contact tags on specific customers and/or invoices. Users without this permission will not see an edit button in the contact card, and will not see the plus icon next to contact tags.

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