Tesorio integrates with your personal or team email by using an Email API supported by Nylas. When a team email account is connected in your Company Settings, all users from your Company will have access to send and view emails using the team email account. When a personal email account is connected in your Profile Settings, only you will be able to send emails directly from your email account.

Best Practices

  • Before authenticating your email with Tesorio, you should confirm that your Company allows email authentication through third party providers.

  • Team emails must be set up as Service Accounts to integrate with Tesorio. A Group account does not have the credentials that are required to integrate.

Notes & Guidance

  • Authentication allows you to securely share your email username and password with Tesorio to make emails visible.

  • When your account is authenticated, the emails between you and your customer will appear in Tesorio in the Tesorio Inbox and in the Drawer of your workspace, giving your team access to the most up to date correspondence.

  • When using Tesorio to create an email, the email will be sent directly from your email account and will show in your sent folder within Outlook or Gmail.

  • Responses from your customers will appear in both your inbox within Outlook or Gmail and in Tesorio.

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