Support Services

Hours of operation, modes of support, and email contact.

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  1. Email Support: Tesorio provides email support when users are unable to access our in-app chat. We recommend contacting when you would like to request new features or have a question that cannot be answered by visiting our Help Center.

  2. In-app chat: When logged into Tesorio, each user has access to message the Support Team during our Hours of Operation. Any Tesorio user can navigate to the bottom left of the platform, click the chat icon, and reach a member of our Support Team. Within our in-app chat, you also have access to our Help Center to search for articles that may answer your question.

  3. Web-conferencing: Face-to-face calls may be scheduled upon request. You may schedule a call with our team selecting a time slot on the Tesorio Calendar. Our preferred systems are Zoom and Google, however, if you'd like to use your own conferencing system, please include that information on the meeting request.

  4. Hours of Operation: Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 13:00 UTC to 01:00 UTC / 09:00 ET to 21:00 ET / 06:00 PT to 18:00 PT. You may expect to receive a response to your chat request within 2 hours.

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