Setting GSuite API permissions

Giving API permissions to Google suite allowing Tesorio connection

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Tesorio connects directly to email accounts to send and receive email. An API connection to your Google Suite account is required for any Google email integration.

Google offers two methods for establishing trust between 3rd party applications: an external verification process or a customer opt-in whitelisting process. Because we work with Google Workspace (enterprise) accounts rather than consumer accounts, we have chosen to follow their published process to have customer domain admins add our application at this time. We recognize that this requires an additional configuration step by our customers.

Please follow the steps below to add API application access.



Navigate the menu: Security -> API Controls > App Access Control


This page shows all applications that have api access to your google suite.

Use the drop down Add app and select OAuth App Name or Client ID


This step walks you through searching for the Tesorio application

For connections in Production, in the search bar type:

For connections in Sandbox, in the search bar type:

After hitting the search button, you are able to select Tesorio.

Step 4

The last step is making Tesorio a trusted application.

Highlight the Tesorio Client ID and hit select.

Select Trusted and hit Configure to save the settings.

If you would like to know more about API access into the Google workspace you can find this link to Google's FAQs

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