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SSO: OneLogin <> Tesorio Setup
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The following steps will lead you through the process of setting up single sign-on thru OneLogin. You will use the OneLogin admin portal to add an application and view the values that are specific for your organization. This will allow all authorized users at your company to use OneLogin for accessing Tesorio.

Step 1

Go to your OneLogin admin page (ie. Click "Applications", and then select “SAML Test Connector (Advanced)”.

Step 2

Enter details as shown in the screenshot below, and click “Save”.

Display Name

Tesorio App



Visible in portal



Tesorio’s OneLogin App

Step 3

Click on “Configuration” and enter and as shown in the screenshots below:

For the “SAML signature element”, select “Assertion” from the dropdown. Leave other

dropdowns as-is. Click “Save”.

From the sidebar, select “Parameters” and enter the following names (Note: names are case

sensitive). Click “Save”.

Step 4

Navigate to “SSO” and copy the Issuer URL value. You will need this link to enter as the metadata URL as you complete the OneLogin connection in Tesorio.

Step 5

On the SSO Integration screen in Tesorio, enter the metadata URL created in the previous step. Click Connect to make the connection between your SSO account and Tesorio. Once connected, you will have the ability to log out, and log back in using the “Single Sign-On” option in order to test the SSO connection.

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