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Tesorio Onboarding Journey and Timeline Considerations
Tesorio Onboarding Journey and Timeline Considerations

Understanding Tesorio's Onboarding Journey: Simple and Fast!

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Here at Tesorio, we are very proud of Tesorio FASTconnect! Streamlining onboarding is top of mind for our company as we understand how critical cash flow is for you, your team and your business.

Tesorio Connect enables us to accelerate Time to Initial Value for your business.

1 - During the initial data import Tesorio brings in all your open invoices, customers with open balances and their contacts. With this data you can start using the product and collecting right away. Note that customer payments and credit memos are not included in the initial data import.

2 - During the historical data import, Tesorio brings in data going back 24 months. This includes unapplied and applied customer payments, paid invoices, customers without open balances and all their notes and messages. Note that the historical data import takes a few extra days to complete based on your historical data volume.

Please email if you would like a .pdf copy of this visual. It can be useful when providing context to senior-level decision makers. We can also accompany this with a general timeline/dates pertinent to your company, based on your specific onboarding needs, download our template below and let's get you onboarded 🚀


  • The onboarding timeline varies based on the amount of data to be imported and any SOC/Security requirements that your team may have

  • Most partners complete the onboarding process within 2-4 weeks. Additional Q&A and working sessions can be scheduled upon request

  • The onboarding timeline may change depending on the complexity of your business, your existing business needs, and your availability

  • Tesorio offers additional services outside of our standard onboarding process. A sandbox environment, Single Sign-On, and Whitelisting may extend the estimated timeline.

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