Tesorio Connect Overview

Tesorio's Flat File integration capabilities

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Tesorio Connect, our smart, configurable Flat File connector is an automated and sophisticated way of bringing your ERP data into Tesorio when a native connector is not available.

Tesorio Connect gives us the capability to internally map data records & fields into our own schema removing the complexity of what's known to be a full flat-file implementation.

Tesorio seamlessly works with any ERP data. Our data schema is incredibly flexible as it supports custom fields, custom column names, custom file data structures, and more!

Tesorio is on a mission to accelerate Time to Initial Value, and that is why we encourage you, as our valued customer, to have an automated way to extract data out of your ERP and a fully automated mechanism to upload the data into Tesorio's SFTP. This is key to getting your teams up and running quickly!

See the Tesorio Connect Integration capabilities below:

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