Tesorio requires you to create a Web Service User within your Sage Intacct account. This web service user is used by the Tesorio product to import data into its platform. The following steps will lead you through the process of creating this Web Service User, and then connecting this information to Tesorio to start your data import.

Step 1

Under the application dropdown, click on CompanyWeb Service users.

Step 2

Enter the fields as shown in the screenshot below.

NOTE: Use the email address of the person managing the Tesorio account for the sync.

Step 3

Select the Roles information tab, and add the admin role for this user as seen below.

Ensure that the role has subscriptions to all the modules in Intacct

Also, ensure that Permissions for the Accounts Receivable and Order Entry transaction are set to list, add and edit (these are required). Tesorio recommends giving us full permissions to expedite the onboarding process.

Step 4

Once completed, you will receive an email containing the Company ID, Username and Password for the webservice user you just created. Keep these securely, as you will need to enter these in the Tesorio registration page in the next steps below.

Step 5

From the main menu select Company Company InfoSecurityEdit. Scroll down to the Web Services authorization section and click Add. Enter the following information, and then click Save.

Step 6

On the Sage Intacct Integration screen in Tesorio, enter the Company ID, User ID and Password created in the above steps (and sent to you in an email). Select the timezone and PDF source. Click Connect to make the connection between your Sage Intacct account and Tesorio. Once connected, your data import will start.

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