Sage Intacct Integration

This certified integration includes importing and exporting data necessary for using Tesorio’s AR and Collections offerings.

The list below describes the integration points and also the order we request your data from Sage Intacct. Depending on the integration point Tesorio will either perform a "Daily Batch Pull" sync from Sage Intacct or a "Real-time Data Push" sync to Sage Intacct.

To ensure data integrity, we only connect Tesorio to a single instance of Sage Intacct using customer credentials. Detailed instructions are provided as part of the implementation process.

The following data objects are processed:

  • Entities: All entity objects are imported in Tesorio.

  • Accounts: All accounts defined at the Top Level entity are imported into Tesorio.

  • Contacts: Contacts from the master list (within Customer Information) in Intacct are imported into Tesorio. Edits made to contacts in Tesorio push back to Intacct in real time ensuring both systems are in sync.

  • Customers: Customers from the AR module in Intacct are imported into Tesorio today.

  • Invoices: AR Invoices are imported into Tesorio. Note: In Intacct all invoices e.g. contract invoices and sales invoice result in an invoice being created in the AR module and will also be imported into Tesorio, however, we do not read those objects directly today.

  • Invoice Payments: AR Payments are imported into Tesorio.

  • Invoice Messages: Notes entered in Tesorio push back to Intacct (as Messages on the Invoice) in real time.

Custom Field Support

Currently, Tesorio supports custom fields for Customers and Invoice objects.

Customers who are interested in adding custom fields can give us all the custom fields they want imported for the record types mentioned above.

Once we import the custom fields, they can be seen and used across the product such as:

  • Adding the custom field as a column on the AR tables

  • Ability to see the field in the Popover

  • Use as a campaign filter criteria

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