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NetSuite <> Tesorio: Enabling SuiteQL for Tesorio
NetSuite <> Tesorio: Enabling SuiteQL for Tesorio
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Please follow these steps to update Tesorio’s permissions and enable SuiteQL integration method as soon as possible, and by December 30, 2022 at the latest. For more details on why Tesorio requires this update, see this article.

Step 1

Enable REST Web Services. Navigate to SetupCompanyEnable Features. Find the tab bar at the top, click on the “SuiteCloud” tab and click to open or expand. In some instances of NetSuite, there may not be a tab bar but you may need to scroll down the page to find a SuiteCloud section.

Find the “SuiteTalk (Web Services)” section and ensure that “REST WEB SERVICES” option is checked.

Save changes.

Step 2

Next, switch to the “Analytics” tab, find the “SuiteAnalytics Workbook” section, and ensure that the “SUITEANALYTICS WORKBOOK” option is checked. If it is not, please mark it and Save.

Step 3

Access the Search page by navigating to Customization SuiteBundler Search & Install Bundles.

Search for “Tesorio Bundle”. Click the option in the list that is listed as “Bundle ID 180202, Version 1.11”.

Click “Install”, do not change the options on the screen.

In the Preview Bundle Install screen, press “Install Bundle” to start the process. Click “OK” if it asks you to confirm.

It may take a few minutes to install. The page you are redirected to, Installed Bundles, should list all bundles in your instance. The Tesorio Bundle will display a green checked status when it has completed installation.

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