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Cash Application Setting Management
Cash Application Setting Management
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Configure your Cash Application settings to reduce the number of manual updates that are required on a payment before they are posted to your ERP.

There are three categories of settings to configure:

  • Account Level Defaults

  • ERP Required Fields

  • Payment Method Mapping by File Type

Account Level Defaults

Configure a default GL Account, Class, Department, and Location to be automatically assigned during import. Navigate to Administration > Integrations > Bank Accounts > Manage Connections.

For any account in the table, click the edit button to assign your defaults. Each payment that is imported for this account will automatically inherit your default value. This can be changed on an individual payment before posting.

Note: changes to these default settings will only take effect on newly imported payments. Existing payments will not be updated.

ERP Required Fields

In order to post customer payments back to your ERP, you will need to ensure that any required payment fields are also required in Tesorio. Note that there are some fields your ERP considers to be mandatory. This status cannot be adjusted.

  • Go to Administration > Company in the navigation. Click on the card titled Cash Application Settings and select Required Fields.

  • Click on Required Fields. This will open a form you can use to identify which payment fields will be required in Tesorio. Any payment that is missing required fields will not be able to be posted to your ERP.

The supported and required fields vary by ERP. See the below articles for details.

Payment Method Mapping by File Type

If you use the Payment Method field on your payments, payment method mapping automates the assignment of the method by extracting the transaction code from the bank payment file.

  • Go to Administration > Company in the navigation. Click on the card titled Cash Application Settings and select Map Payment Type to Payment Method. You'll complete this mapping once for each type of file (BAI or CAM53) that you are importing.

  • To help you get started, the mappings in the screenshots below are common transaction codes that we see in bank files. Contact your CSM if you need help reviewing your bank files to create additional mappings.

  • In the Cash Application workflow, whenever you assign a payment method to a payment, a payment method mapping is created automatically in the background ensuring that the next time payments are imported with that same transaction code, the payment method you selected will be automatically set.

    Note: Payment Method mapping is only supported for BAI and CAM53 files. Transactions imported via Plaid do not support payment method mapping.

BAI Common Mappings

CAMT53 Common Mappings

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