NetSuite Data Integration

This article describes how Tesorio integrates and syncs customer data with NetSuite

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NetSuite Integration

This integration includes nine high-level integration points between Tesorio and NetSuite synced using SuiteTalk and Restlet.

The list below describes the integration points and also the order we request your data from NetSuite. Depending on the integration point Tesorio will either perform a "Daily Batch Pull" sync from NetSuite or a "Real-time Data Push" sync to NetSuite.

Each of the integration points below is also a link to the detailed NetSuite field level description Tesorio is syncing. Please note, NetSuite tables may contain fields for multiple areas and therefore some links below may be duplicated (e.g. Invoices & Invoice Payments).

To ensure data integrity, we only connect Tesorio to a single instance of NetSuite using customer credentials. 

  • Subsidiaries: One-way sync of  Subsidiary records to Tesorio.

  • Chart of Accounts: One-way sync of Chart of Accounts to Tesorio.

  • Exchange Rates: One-way sync of NetSuite Exchange Rates to Tesorio.

  • Contacts: Real-time contact data pushed to Netsuite from Tesorio and One-Way sync of Contact data to Tesorio.

  • Accounts Receivable: One-way sync of Accounts Receivable records to Tesorio from the following NetSuite areas: Customers, Invoices, Customer Payments (transaction types Customer Payment and Deposit), Credit Memos and Sales Orders

  • Notes: Real-time Notes data pushed to NetSuite from Tesorio and One-Way sync of Notes data to Tesorio for the following record types: Customer and Invoices

  • Messages (Emails): Real-time Messages data pushed to NetSuite from Tesorio and One-Way sync of Message data to Tesorio for the following record types: Customer and Invoices

Custom Field Support

Any custom field that exists in NetSuite can potentially be pulled via SuiteTalk or Restlet. Currently, Tesorio supports custom fields for Customer and Invoice record types.

Customers who are interested in adding custom fields can give us all the custom fields they want imported for the record types mentioned above.

Once we import the custom fields, they can be seen and used across the product such as:

  • Adding the custom field as a column to the Invoices or Customers Workspaces

  • Ability to see the field in the Popover

  • Use as a campaign filter criteria

Custom fields on invoice and customer records which are of type 'Email' (NS_TYPE=EMAIL) are imported over as contacts into Tesorio. A single custom field with multiple email addresses will come over as multiple contacts associated with that customer or invoice record.

Invoice Files

Tesorio supports attaching invoice files to email communications as long as these NetSuite files are present in the File Cabinet in NetSuite at the files are attached to an invoice. All files must have a valid extension included in the file's name. This feature is enabled on a case by case basis. Reach out to if you'd like this enabled.

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