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Financial Care Center User Guide
Financial Care Center User Guide

Welcome to our Financial Care Center Powered by Tesorio.

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  1. Your Vendor has sent you a link that enables you to pay your outstanding invoices online. The link you have received is unique to your company and is valid for fourteen (14) days. If more than fourteen days have passed, please reach out directly to your Vendor to obtain a new link.

  2. When you have clicked the link provided by your Vendor, you will be directed to your Vendor’s payment portal. You may make a one-time payment by clicking ‘Pay Now’.

    1. When making a one-time payment, credit card is the only supported payment method.

    2. To pay via ACH, create an account. By creating an account, you can also view your outstanding invoices at any time.

  3. To create an account in the Financial Care Center, click ‘Pay Now’ at the top of your screen. Select the invoice you would like to pay, click ‘Pay’. You will then be directed to enter your Credit / Debit Card or Bank Transfer details.

4. Once your payment information is entered, select ‘Save this payment method’. Click ‘Pay’. Your invoice will be paid and you will be directed to the account creation screen.

5. You will receive a payment complete confirmation message. You may now create an account by entering your email address, first name, last name, and creating a password. An account will be created for you when you click ‘Create Account’.

6. You may now log into the Financial Care Center using your login information at any time by signing in at your next visit. When you create an account, you have access to more functionality like saved payment methods and AutoPay (depending on your vendor's settings) that further streamline the payment process.

Required Steps for ACH (Bank Transfer) Payments

In order to pay via ACH, you must verify your bank account. To do so:

  1. Create an account in Financial Care Center

  2. Navigate to the Preferences tab and add a Bank Account

  3. The bank account will be added in an Unverified state.

  4. In order to verify the account, 2 microdeposits will be deposited in your bank account within 1-3 business days. When these transactions appear in your bank account, return to the Financial Care Center to verify the amounts.

  5. Once the amounts are entered correctly, your bank account is now available for use. Any time you'd like to pay by ACH, simply log into your account and select the saved bank account as your payment method.

Note: if you delete the bank account from the Financial Care Center and later re-add it, you will need to reverify the account before it can be used for payment.

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