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Tesorio <> NetSuite SuiteQL Upgrade FAQs
Tesorio <> NetSuite SuiteQL Upgrade FAQs
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At Tesorio, we are focused on providing our customers with a great experience by ensuring we can support your business growth. We are excited to share the launch of our newly optimized NetSuite integration.

As part of this initiative we are migrating our NetSuite integration to utilize NetSuite SuiteQL. NetSuite SuiteQL is the newest technology NetSuite offers, allowing their partners to connect via their REST API. It is the most efficient way to pull data from NetSuite, offering an outstanding improvement in performance, which means, we are able to pull in your data faster.

In order to take advantage of these performance enhancements, action is required by your team as soon as possible. Please follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Install Tesorio Bundle ID 180202, Version 1.11.

    1. Upgrading your bundle will update two permissions that will allow Tesorio to utilize SuiteQL:

      1. Grant the Tesorio role permission to use REST Web Services API (change from View to Full)

      2. Grant the Tesorio role Permission to the Suite Analytics Workbook (change from View to Edit)

  2. Enable the REST Web Services feature from your NetSuite instance

  3. Enable the Suite Analytics Workbook feature from your NetSuite instance

For step by step instructions, please refer to this article.

Our goal is to leverage NetSuite SuiteQL as soon as possible, we would like to kindly request you to make these changes by September 30th, 2022.

Tesorio will continue to support existing integration methods, SuiteTalk and Restlet in parallel until December 30th, 2022. We are requesting all our customers to enable SuiteQL by December 30th, 2022.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Tesorio Customer Success Manager. You can also find our FAQ document below.

If you have already enabled this in your instance of NetSuite, there is no need for you to take action.


What is NetSuite SuiteQL

NetSuite SuiteQL is a NetSuite REST WebService feature, and is the same tool used in the NetSuite Analytics Workbook interface. It provides advanced query capabilities to access NetSuite records and data by querying the NetSuite Analytics Data Source.

For more information regarding NetSuite SuiteQL, see this article.

Why are we implementing this change

Tesorio is improving integration performance with NetSuite to support customers growth by leveraging the latest technology available to support scalability and reliability. Additionally, SuiteQL and REST API is where NetSuite is focusing and making development investments.

How is Tesorio implementing the changes

We are implementing the changes in a phased approach to ensure our migration happens in a stable fashion. We are evaluating as we deploy changes to mitigate any service disruption to our customers.

We are starting the migration with our Accounts Receivable integration points.

Does enabling SuiteQL impact any other integrations I have

No, enabling SuiteQL only allows Tesorio as a NetSuite development partner to query your data using the SuiteQL data structure.

What will happen if I do not enable SuiteQL

Tesorio will continue to support existing integration methods until December 30th, 2022. We are requesting all our customers to enable SuiteQL by December 30th, 2022.

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