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Automatically Sync Financial Care Center Transactions to Sage Intacct
Automatically Sync Financial Care Center Transactions to Sage Intacct

Describes the process flow for Sage Intacct, including details on Sage Intacct multi-entity set-up

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When Cash Application is used in conjunction with Financial Care Center, payments submitted by your customers in the Tesorio portal automatically sync to your ERP with no intervention required by your team.

Enable Automatic Payment Sync for Financial Care Center

Automatic Cash Application is enabled by subsidiary in Administration > Subsidiaries > Portal Settings. Under Payment Methods and Features > Portal Settings, enable Sync FCC payments to ERP. When this setting is enabled, transactions received in the portal will automatically be created and will sync to Sage Intacct on the next scheduled sync.

If you do not see the Sync FCC payments to ERP setting, contact your CSM to enable access in your account.

Defaults Set-ups

Note: These settings must be configured for each subsidiary.

GL Account Mapping

The only information that you need to add here is the GL Account. This is the bank account or undeposited funds account you want Tesorio to use when creating the posted payment in Sage Intacct.

You cannot use an Undeposited Funds GL account that is associated with a checking or a savings bank account in Sage Intacct. This is a Sage Intacct rule.

Memo Line Defaults

If you enter anything in the memo field, it will be recorded on the posted payment memo field in Intacct for every payment received from the Tesorio Financial Care Center. If no default value is entered, Tesorio will leave this field blank when the payment is created.

Payment Type Mapping

If you use the Payment Method field in your ERP and want to automatically populate that field for transactions received through the portal, select the Payment Method from your ERP that corresponds to each of the payment types you accept in the portal. If you do not provide mapping, the payment method field will be empty when the Unposted Payment is created.

Sage Intacct Multi-entity set-up

If your Sage Intacct account is set-up as multi-entity, and you use more than one Stripe accounts, here are some details which Stripe account will be used, how customer payments will be recorded in your ERP, and what invoices can be paid together in the Tesorio Financial Care Center (FCC).

As described above, the configurations for the automatic customer payment postings though the Tesorio Financial Care Center are done at the subsidiary (Sage Intacct entity).

If you have more that one Stripe accounts

For payments created in FCC, Tesorio will lookup the subsidiary your customer is created under and will use the Stripe account linked to that subsidiary in Tesorio.

Example: for your Intacct Top level customers, the Stripe account used for all invoice payments made through the Tesorio Financial Care Center will be the Stripe account linked to the Top Level/Tesorio Default subsidiary configured in Tesorio. This is the case even if you create invoices for the same customer under different Intacct entities. Tesorio always uses the configuration of the customer entity/subsidiary. So the bank account where you will receive the payments will be the one associated with the Stripe account linked to Top Level/Tesorio Default subsidiary in Tesorio. See example below.

Combining invoices in one payment in FCC

Invoices created under different entities cannot be combined in one payment unless it is a combination of Top Level invoices + one other entity.

Posting Payments in Sage Intacct

When creating and posting the customer payment to Sage Intacct, Tesorio uses the invoice subsidiary (the Intacct entity the invoice was created under). If Top Level invoices were combined in one payment with invoices for another entity (USA Entity in below example), the posted payments will be created under USA Entity.

Please note that Tesorio does not use any of the invoice line item information, but your Sage Intacct entity that the invoice was created under.

*Tesorio has the flexibility to bypass the invoice customer to Stripe account logic and use different Stripe accounts for different invoices for the same customer. That requires you to create a custom field with the desired entity information and some custom set-up on our end. If you are interested in learning more, or using this set-up, please contact your CSM and please allow some time for this configuration to be done.

Customer Payment Mapping - Subsidiary, Entity, Stripe Account

Example for Top Level customer

Identifying Financial Care Center Transactions

In Administration > Groups Enable the Cash Application module for any user who will be reviewing these transactions.

Payments received from the Financial Care Center will be created as Unposted Payments on the Customer Payments > Unposted Payments tab automatically. In most cases, the payments will move directly to the Pending status and be ready for synchronization to your ERP. In some cases, if you have additional required fields for your payment records that cannot be automatically populated from the transaction, the payments will be in an Incomplete status for your review. Regardless, the customer name and invoice(s) will always be automatically applied.

In the Unposted Payments workspace, filter for Financial Care Center transactions using the Include Portal Payments option nested under the Bank Account filter.

Automatic Sync Transaction Flow

When automatic sync is enabled, payments that you receive through Financial Care Center will sync to your ERP automatically once they reach the Succeeded status.


Payments received in the portal progress through 3 potential statuses. Only when they reach Succeeded does Tesorio initiate the sync to your ERP.

  • Action Required

  • Processing

  • Succeeded

Payments in the Action Required or Processing status have not been created as Unposted Payments yet. Once they reach the Succeeded status they will automatically be created as Unposted Payments in the Pending status on the Unposted Payments tab.

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