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Campaign email sending windows
Campaign email sending windows
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Tesorio users can now specify time windows within which campaign emails will be queued for sending. This includes modifying time zones, days of the week, and hourly breakdowns. This functionality is available for both age-based campaigns and schedule-based campaigns. It is located on the campaign setup page.

Users also have visibility into whether a campaign has emails currently queueing/sending or is in a scheduled state. This status is visible on the campaign results page and in the campaign step builder.

There are two parts to email processing. First, they must be queued for sending; and second, the actual sending of the email itself. Generally, queuing and sending are indistinguishable. However, there may be times when many emails are queued in the application for processing and there's a delay as to when any given email is received in the end customer's inbox.

On average, queuing times can be between 0 and 4 hours. Please take this into account when scheduling your send windows. You can read more about Queued Emails here.

When creating a new campaign, the sending time window is defaulted to every day of the week, at all times, and will show a status of Email Sending. Depending on any changes you make to the sending time, the Email Sending status may change.

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