QuickBooks Online Integration

Tesorio directly integrates with Intuit's official APIs to seamlessly import data into our platform. Establishing the connection between Tesorio and QuickBooks Online takes seconds and data is imported automatically without requiring any manual operations.

The following data is currently imported into Tesorio's platform:

Accounts: One-way sync of the Chart of Accounts data into Tesorio

Customers: One-way sync of Customer data into Tesorio. Note: customers that are marked as inactive in QBO are subsequently hidden in Tesorio.

Invoices: One-way sync of Invoice data into Tesorio. Note: the balance on the invoice dictates the state of the invoice in Tesorio (e.g. $0 invoices are marked as Cleared unless they have been deleted or voided).

Invoice Payments: One-way sync of invoice payment data into Tesorio. Payment data is matched with invoices they are applied against.

Credit Memos: One-way sync of credit memo data into Tesorio. Credit application information will be reflected within Tesorio. Note: this data point will be added in September, 2021.

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