Enabling AutoPay
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Your vendor is partnering with Tesorio to accept payment, and offers AutoPay to streamline the payment process. Follow these steps to configure AutoPay for your account.

Create a login

Portal customers must have an account in order to configure AutoPay, since a saved payment method is required. Using the link you received from your vendor, select Login / Sign Up.

If you do not have an account yet, provide your email address to create an account. If you are not able to create an account, contact your vendor to ensure your email address has been configured to allow account creation.

Enable AutoPay & Select Payment Methods

Once you have logged in, navigate to Preferences from the top menu. Under the AutoPay, select Enable AutoPay.

Select which payment method you'd like to use for AutoPay. This method will be used for all AutoPay transactions. If you already have saved payment methods, select one from the list. If you have not added one yet, you'll need to before you can proceed.

If you are adding Bank Transfer as a payment method, you'll be required to verify the bank account before payments can be processed. Verification is done via two microdeposits that Stripe deposits into your bank account. When they're received, return to your Payment Method screen to verify the amounts. Once verified, your account can be used to make payments.

Manage Contact Preferences

By default, the user enabling AutoPay will receive all email communications regarding AutoPay. Add additional recipients by adding their email addresses into the contact field.

Save Settings

Save your settings to complete the AutoPay setup. Note that once enrolled, payments will not begin processing automatically until the following day. Once configured, invoices will process in full on the invoice due date. Both you and your vendor will receive email confirmation when AutoPay has been enabled.

Disable AutoPay

Disable AutoPay at any time by navigating to preferences and disabling the setting. Both you and your vendor will receive email confirmation when AutoPay has been disabled.

AutoPay Behavior

If multiple invoices are due on the same day, they will process as separate transactions.

When AutoPay is enabled, all visitors will see a banner in the Financial Care Center any time they visit informing you that AutoPay is enabled.

All portal functionality is available while AutoPay is enabled. If you choose to pay an invoice in advance, it will not process again on the invoice due date.

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