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1/9/2024 Tesorio Release Announcement
1/9/2024 Tesorio Release Announcement
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A New Look to Liven Up the New Year

You may notice some color and style changes in Tesorio, including a new color block behind our logo and an updated font/typeface. So many other exciting updates are happening with the application that we thought it was only right to add a fresh look and feel as well.

Sage Intacct Cash Application

Added support for posting customer payments to an undeposited fund account.

The Unposted Payments, adding new payments, bank account default set-up and FCC Payment Settings have that option available

For more information review these articles:

NetSuite Integration: Added UNDEPOSTED Status for Posted Customer Payments

Previously undeposited customer payments were reflected with status "Pending". We have added a new status to differentiate them in Tesorio.

๐Ÿ’กThis status will also be assigned to payments created in Tesorio when an Undeposited funds account is selected, or configured by default for Financial Care Center payments.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored the capability to add invoice files to email

  • Corrected the issue with campaign emails giving message that it could not be sent

  • Corrected an issue for our Sage Intacct integration where bank account records were not re-synced when a company is enabled for Cash App after initial onboarding

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