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Launching Tesorio for Your Company
Launching Tesorio For Your Company Checklist
Launching Tesorio For Your Company Checklist

It is not the usual onboarding. With Tesorio, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your CSM

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🔊 Welcome to the Tesorio Family!

Congratulations on starting the amazing journey of automating your AR workflow to improve and predict your cash flow

This article is a non-exhaustive list of activities intended to support the Tesorio Administrator in successfully launching Tesorio 🚀

Before we get started, our Customer Success team wants to remind you of the following:

  • We are on this journey TOGETHER, we work on long-lasting partnerships

  • You have a dedicated CSM who will guide you and support you toward success, not just through onboarding

  • Our Customer Support team is available via our in-app chat or by simply emailing

  • This is not the usual onboarding, this is simple and fast. Our goal is to always accelerate Time to Initial Value so you, your users, and your company can see value with Tesorio within weeks

  • Don't forget to have fun!

1. Connect & Access Checklist

⬜ Identify the team members needed to execute onboarding

  • Tesorio Administrator to coordinate connection and configure Tesorio settings and workflows for your entire team

  • ERP / CRM Administrator - to get your data into Tesorio via Tesorio FASTConnect (Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Salesforce, Workday, Zuora, Nylas, and/or any other ERP via Tesorio Connect)

  • Email Service Administrator to connect customer team emails in Tesorio

  • Tesorio Test Users to confirm data and workflows are as expected. These users usually support the Tesorio Administration when needed

⬜ Connect Tesorio with your Data Sources by assigning ERP connection activities to the appropriate ERP admin(s). If you have the appropriate information to connect your ERP to Tesorio, you can do this yourself, it's that simple!

Your Tesorio Administrator can simply follow the instructions provided after your account has been created

Learn more about Tesorio Integrations

⬜ Configure your Single Sign On (SSO) (strongly recommended but not required)

2. Prepare Configuration Checklist

Gather the critical elements of your AR process and bring in all the ideas and areas of improvement to automate your AR Workflow.

This checklist is a non-exhaustive list of items that will significantly improve your current manual/inefficient processes and will ensure a great experience utilizing Tesorio

⬜ Identify Custom Fields from your ERPs / Data Sources to be added in Tesorio

⬜ Confirm Custom Fields are rendering properly in Tesorio (drop-down, dates, text, checkbox)

⬜ Gather a list of useful and powerful custom tags to be used for Invoices and Customers in Tesorio

⬜ Gather a list of useful and powerful custom labels to be used for Contacts in Tesorio

⬜ Gather your current Email Templates, the ones you are using for manual or automated dunning are a great start

⬜ Gather current customer segmentation for collections workflow. This comes in handy when defining campaign steps, campaign audience, and configuring your workspaces

if you don't have a strategy in place yet, brainstorm with your team on how to structure it. A few ideas are by region, customer tier, aging buckets

⬜ Gather your current AR aging buckets

⬜ Familiarize yourself with Tesorio Users & Permissions and define your company users and the associated permissions you would like them to have

3. Platform Configuration Checklist

⬜ Administrator Activities

Modify and Create Groups
◽ Update Company Settings

Important: must have a username and password cannot be an alias
◽ Add a Reply-to address (if Tesorio Delivery Option is used)
◽ Add your company logo (Image dimensions: 100 X 100 < 2500 X 2500)

*Note: logo settings must have equal dimensions (square)
◽ Design your Statement Settings

◽ Set your sync schedule

*Note: By default you will be able to add up to three sync times. If you need to add more scheduled sync times, please contact your CSM (the number of additional scheduled syncs depend on your data volume and average sync time)

◽Enter the email address for sync failure notification

◽Create Custom Tags

◽Assign Assignees (users) on a Customer level, then on an Invoice level

◽Assign Contact Labels to contacts

◽Create and share Email Templates in Tesorio

◽Create your first Campaign (Identify Campaign Steps and Audience)

◽Set Campaign Live and test Dunning Campaign.

◽Familiarize yourself with the errors and how to fix them

◽Test email functionality

◽Set Company Goals

⬜ User Activities (Profile Settings)
◽ Enable 2FA (if required by your Company)
Connect your personal email if desired, not required
◽ Review Tesorio Users & Permissions

Gather questions from your team and schedule check-ins with as needed!

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